Adesina Wedding
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Thursday, June 02, 2016
By Telling Lens Photography
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Cassie Leke_Dancing_Poster

There are people who flow with the course of  life and there are people who are born to change the flow, and make their own course..isn’t it amazing. When we talk about love, we say its easy to fall in love, but  staying in love is tough. We say long distance relationships do not work. We say two cultures, two faiths can’t gel together. We are lucky to experience ourselves the eternal bonding of  Cassie and Leke, who stayed in love (during a long distance relationship) from the time they first met in Dublin, Ireland and finally got married on 23rd August 2014.

Cassie and Leke fell in love in Dublin Ireland when she met Leke in the bar for the first time. Since then, for most part it was a long distance relationship (3235 miles) with Cassie in the US and Leke in Ireland. Oceans apart, they continued to live that love as a verb.  It couldn’t have been easy to build a relationship with one person in Ireland and the other in the US, but they did it.They faced tough resistance  in convincing their family about their love, with so many differences in faith and culture. But Man!!, I salute to this couple, that they managed to convince everyone in the family and brought everyone together to become one big extended family.

It was an emotional moment for all the wedding party, friends and family to see Cassie and Leke’s ceremony happening in Holy Spirit Church. This is the church where Cassie’s parents got married, her brother (Adam Bjorkman) got married and she had a dream that she, one day will marry in the same church with the love she had yet to find.

Everyone on both sides of the family were thrilled and  super excited when experiencing a union of two loves, two faiths, two cultures and two beliefs.  I was speechless to see that amazing vibe all around.


Everything started the day before, showing what they were bringing together.  There was a Nigerian celebration.  It emphasized the culture of Leke and his family.  All the guests came dressed in teal or gold, the food was ethnic, tasty, and spicy, and the dancing was fun!

Cassie and Leke dancing
Best Man and Maid of Honour_NP
The Maid of Honor and Best Man getting to know one another

Cassie Freinds with Leke _NP


Cassie Beautiful moment with Leke_NP


In this photo comes a great representation of the love/bond shared between these two.  A true testament to the phrase: “A picture is worth a thousand words”…


Nigerian Party_Group

The whole group together!  What a great testament to the joining of 2 worlds.

Cassie_Lookng at Father_NP
Cassie and Leke enjoying the slideshow

We listened to excellent speeches from the maid of honor and best man and saw a slideshow that represented the history of their love story.

It was an excellent interlude into the following celebration.


The next day, the girls got up early to get ready.

Relax_Salon_Cassie Wedding

They got ready at “Relax Day Spa & Salon“, a wonderful place to be relaxed and get prepared on such a big day.

Cassie _Makeup3

Maid of honour_putting Vei in Cassia Hiar
Brooke, the maid of honor testing how to put on Cassie’s veil
Mom Sandy emtional_watching Cassie getting ready
As mom looks on, seeing her daughter as a Bride for the first time.

Cassie’s mom, a Mary Kay consultant did her makeup beautifully.


Makeup_Mary Kay

Cassie _Makeup1



Cassie _Makeup2


Then they all headed to the Church, Holy Spirit Catholic Parish to finish preparations.

Garter_Inbackground Necklace and Ring
Something blue
Cassie In Wedding Dress _BACK2
Something beautiful

Cassie In Wedding Dress _BACK




Dress2Dress3Necklace_Ear Rings_Comb_PurseDress1



Necklace_In background rings and Garter




Cassie Leke Rings

Stunning look  of Cassie




Signing Marriage Licence
You’re officially Mine! The signing of the marriage License
Leke_with Grooms men
Leke and his Groomsmen right outside the Church

   Cassie in Limousen with Leke cute lookLeke and Cassie having Toast in Limosine

Brides hand on Groom headAmazing Kiss to Bride from GroomCassie and Leke at Tower on BeachGroup_Photo_Wedding Paarty

Bride Maid_Heart

Group Jump_Bride Groom and wedding Party

Group Pic Leke Cassie on the bridgeBride maids Grooms men with Leke Cassie Kissing



The colors were teal and gold.  The decorations were hand made, with a lot of love, from Cassie’s mom and family members.   It turned out beautiful!

Table decorations were created by Cassie’s very talented Mom.



Cassie and Leke enjoyed dancing for most of the evening
Sparkler Signage
Towards the end of the evening, we had another romantic surprise

Sparklers_Cassie Leke

Thank you so much for letting us spend this great experience with you!  Cassie, my baby sister makes a beautiful bride and a wonderful wife.  I am looking forward to continuing to see your relationship bloom and grow.  It was such an honor to be able to be a part of the event as a member of the bridal party as well as capture the event.

God Bless!

Sparklers_Cassie Leke1

And here we wish you farewell.  Thank you for letting us share such a special day with you.  Continue to live the life of love you have just begun and Enjoy!!!

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