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Tuesday, June 28, 2016
By Telling Lens Photography
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I think its important to share your story, your whole story.  I will admit that when we first started our photography business I was honestly a bit hesitant.  I was full of those what if questions: what if we fail?  What if people don’t like what we do?  What if I can’t learn how to use the camera, what if, what if, what if.  

But you know what, you never know until you leap.  I love that my Husband, the wonderful, amazing, talented individual that he is has a dream.  I want to support him in all that he does, and I want to live my dream as well.  You see, at first, photography was his dream, enjoying on a daily basis what he used to enjoy in his free time, I never really knew how to dream, I just kind of fell in to what was next, I guess because I was too afraid to take a risk.  Sukumar, however, is not only a dreamer but a great photographer, wonderful with people and absolutely fearless in shoots.  He sees things that others don’t and learns extremely quickly.  That combined with his grit, integrity, and passion will make him successful.  I fully believe in him.  I will support him.  And I know that he is and will continue to be an excellent photographer and entrepreneur and that the world is his oyster.

But what about me?  It is one thing to support someone that you love, it is something wholly different to jump yourself.  So here goes, I am ready.  Here is why I am jumping fully in… Not only do I trust my husband to live this dream, but I share it with him.  I realize that I am a participant and no matter what, I am ready to dive in, not just for him but for us, and, for me.  This is a dream I can throw myself into.  Here’s why… I love to write.  One thing I have always believed in is pictures say a thousand words.  The creativity that I love about writing, although I get to express that here in this blog, I can express even more through photography.  I love to capture that moment that I want to make sure our clients never forget, to help them tell their story.  I want to help others discover the best of themselves and be reminded of it every day, and I want to live my DREAM!

I used to introduce my Husband as a photographer.  Today, I am ready to say: We are photographers…



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