Kristin & Tony Engagement
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Friday, October 14, 2016
By Telling Lens Photography
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Couple | Kristin + Tony
Location | Villa Terrace + Milwaukee Art Museum + Harbor House Restaurant
Makeup | Venise Watson Mac Cosmetics Professional Consultant
Milwaukee Engagement Photography | Telling Lens Photography


Shortly after she met him, her friends could already tell that something was different about her. She had a special glow to her and  When she told them she’d met someone… the way she paused, thought, and talked about him, you could just tell.  Sitting with girlfriends for drinks in Downtown Milwaukee, talking about this special man, this may have been the first time she knew that this was different, she was beginning to realize that maybe he was not someone that could make her happy now, but maybe always. She told them how amazing he was and how much love she already felt.  Maybe that was in that moment that she knew.  

As her friends got to know Tony, it soon became apparent to them as well.  They could clearly see that this was a relationship that would last.  Kristin is generous, loving, kind, and vivacious, and Tony is the genuine compliment to all of that.  You could tell that he fit her and she him.  He supported her, mirrored her in her fun loving ways, but was one of the first people who knew her deeper than that.  Kristin describes him as a rock to her, his humor, strength, passion, and intelligence such a compliment to who she is.  

When they informed their family and friends of their plans to move to Hawaii, they were so excited for them, getting the opportunity to live a life that most people only dream about.  Both having an adventurous spirit, this was such a great opportunity for the both of them.  They quickly became locals, not only blending in, but making friends, acclimating and growing in the environment.  Both Kristin and Tony have such an adventurous spirit.  Many of their friends appreciated their experience as well, following on Instagram and Facebook their daily sunrises, sunsets, and amazing food adventures!  


Tony had a special plan in place to pop the question to Kristin.  They invited some of their closest friends to come and visit them, and while on a hike to one of her favorite places on the island, Tony got down on one knee and expressed his most earnest desire.  And of course, she said yes!  Their plans for their wedding?  Most important is friends and family; they want to have a big party and have as much fun as possible.  We cannot wait to join you for what is sure to be another outstanding experience when we shoot your special day!  


Tony and Kristin, thank you so much for allowing us to join you in commemorating your love for one another, capturing your excitement to join with one another forever and for always!  Much Love and Appreciation... Telling Lens


Kristin + Tony Engagement

We asked Kristin why Tony?....She said-

Tony is the most incredible man I have ever met.  From the moment I saw him across the room, I knew Tony was someone special.  And boy was I right.  I was initially smitten because he is tall, dark, and handsome.  Yet when I look in his yes, its like I'm Alice in Wonderland falling down the rabbit hole.  The more I got to know him, the more I fell in love with him and lucky for me, I get to fall more and more in love with him every day.......


I love that Tony is extremely intelligent yet never cocky.  He is one of the most modest and humble people I know.  I love that if he doesn't know something, he'll research it and figure it out.  He's always eager to learn new things and take on new adventures.  He's very logical yet isn't afraid to dream.

And of course, if you've seen my instagram posts, I love his cooking too! :).

But most of all, I love that he loves me for me.  He doesn't try to change me into something I'm not.  He supports my wildest dreams and is my lifeline to reality.  I feel so lucky that he chose me to be his wife.  Forever and Always.

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