Leah & Will
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Sunday, February 19, 2017
By Telling Lens Photography
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Mommy & Daddy, I know I will change your life- but trust me it will be so beautiful that you would have not imagined. I love you!


A new life will be entering into the Boshart Family soon and they couldn’t be more excited!. The Boshart family is quite large in its current state and once this angel will arrive she will certainly fill the hearts of mom and dad. The family is made up of Mom and Dad (Leah and Will), and their “Fur Babies,” Oliver, Gilroy, Maizy, and Frankie. They also have their long and slinky friend, the snake, Elliot. The babies may not quite understand what the non furry friend is when she comes home but they are sure to love her!.
Leah, ever the instigator of family excitement is a great mom. She makes sure that her furry and slinky babies have everything they need, and is not afraid of a little smattering of fun!. If she couldn’t get enough excitement with a home full of barking and wiggling and craziness, she runs a doggy day care as well. She will certainly be well prepared for when baby angel arrives!.
Will, perfectly compliments Leah in all areas of life and enjoys the fact that Leah appreciates his personality and sense of humor. He is excited to see the new baby girl, especially getting to know her and spend time with her. It was cute when we asked Will how he envisions his daughter to be?. He said, she will be a bit of both of us all rolled into one, definitely a hodgepodge of characteristics going into this child.
Leah and Will, we are sure you guys will be great parents and will enjoy each moment with the coming one!. We can't wait to hold your little munchkin in our arms.
Good luck! and God bless guys.
Sukumar and Kristin.

Leah & Will Maternity

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