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Friday, August 05, 2016
By Telling Lens Photography
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"DANCE as though no one is watching, LOVE as though you've never been hurt, SING as though no one can hear you, LIVE as though heaven is on earth"

~Mark Twain



A unique, talented, gifted, and breathtaking individual.  Noelle walked into our studio knowing that she would be comfortable in front of the camera and she brought it from the very beginning.  You could just tell how confident she was in front of the camera so I asked her what made that difference and she said that she wanted to tell a story.  Photography to her is not just about the model or the photographer.  Photography is about the story that is seen through someone else's eyes.  Whether its the viewer from across the globe seeing someone else's story in that instant like in National Geographic, or a model in front of the camera for a first time seeing themselves through someone else's eyes; what draws her to want to be photographed is the desire to share a story that no one else knows.  To give someone a glimpse that they do not see.  She said "We see ourselves in a mirror every single day but we don't really see the full picture, all we see is the way we see ourselves.  When we are photographed, we finally get an opportunity to get a glimpse of what someone else may see about us."   I love that view.  It is one of the things that we here at Telling Lens love about photography.  It is not just about capturing an image for today, but it is about showing our clients who they really are.  Telling their story fully even if it is telling it to them. 


Noelle is an individual that is driven by passion.  Her mother has been a huge influence in her life, drawing from their similarities as a source of wisdom in her own growth.  She is involved too in things like sports, work, friends, and living an active lifestyle.  She attended college on an athletic scholarship for Volleyball and played through 4 years of college.  She is currently working in a highly competitive work environment with a recruiting firm which continues to drive her spirit of contribution and teamwork.  She is self motivated, agile, a romantic at heart and highly entrepreneurial.  Noelle, thank you so much for letting us tell your story!

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